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The Introduction to POODR

We want to do our best work, and we want the work we do to have meaning.  And, all else being equal, we prefer to enjoy ourselves along the way.

Those of us whose work is to write software are incredibly lucky.  Building software is a guiltless pleasure because we get to use our creative energy to get things done.  We have arranged our lives to have it both ways; we can enjoy the pure act of writing code in sure knowledge that the code we write has use.  We produce things that matter.  We are modern craftspeople, building structures that make up present-day reality, and no less than bricklayers or bridge builders, we take justifiable pride in our accomplishments.

This all programmers share, from the most enthusiastic newbie to the apparently jaded elder, whether working at the lightest weight Internet startup or the most staid, long-entrenched enterprise.  We want to do our best work.  We want our work to have meaning.  We want to have fun along the way.

And so it’s especially troubling when software goes awry.  Bad software impedes our purpose and interferes with our happiness.  Where once we felt productive, now we feel thwarted.  Where once fast, now slow.  Where once peaceful, now frustrated.  

This frustration occurs when it costs too much to get things done.  Our internal calculators are always running, comparing total amount accomplished to overall effort expended.  When the cost of doing work exceeds its value, our efforts feel wasted.  If programming gives joy it is because it allows us to be useful, when it becomes painful it is a sign that we believe we could, and should, be doing more.  Our pleasure follows in the footsteps of work.

This book is about designing object-oriented software.  It is not an academic tome, it is a programmer’s story about how to write code.  It teaches how to arrange software so as to be productive today and to remain so next month and next year.  It shows how to write applications that can succeed in the present and still adapt to the future.  It allows you to raise your productivity and reduce your costs for the entire lifetime of your applications.

This book believes in your desire to do good work and gives you the tools you need to best be of use.  It is completely practical and as such is, at its core, a book about how to write code that brings you joy.

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